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How to get rid of wrinkles: Treatment and prevention

By: Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN on May 14, 2020 — Written by Hana Ames
Source: Medical News Today

Facial lines and wrinkles are an inevitable side effect of aging and not a health concern. However, some people want to reduce or get rid of wrinkles.

A range of treatments and remedies can help prevent and get rid of wrinkles. Read on to learn more.
Home remedies for wrinkles
Regular moisturizing may decrease the chance of wrinkles forming.

Wrinkles are a result of aging skin and volume loss and are completely natural. The skin becomes thinner over time due to lower production of collagen and elastin proteins. This slowdown also causes the skin to become less resistant to damage.

There are some things a person can do at home to minimize the risk of developing wrinkles or help reverse the signs of aging.20
Daily skin care

Regularly moisturizing the skin can prevent dryness, decreasing the chance of wrinkles forming. It is important to use skin care products that match the skin’s needs and to introduce one product at a time.

Using too many products on the skin, especially more than one anti-aging product can irritate the skin, which can make signs of aging more noticeable. Most products take a few weeks to work.

Studies have shown that certain sleep positions can contribute to wrinkles on the face.

There are ways to help minimize the risk of developing wrinkles while sleeping. They include:

sleeping flat on the back
using a special pillow that reduces facial deformation during sleep
using a silk pillowcase, although there is little research to back this trend


Professionals were once the only ones who could do microneedling, but it is now possible to do this at home.

Microneedling uses small needles to create tiny punctures in the skin. These punctures trigger a healing response and renew the skin cells.

Learn more about microneedling here.

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